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Moondance Nonfiction - Fall 2001 Table of Contents

Letting Go Again
by Ellen M. Morrison, Ph.D.

This morning, instead of leading the panicked rush out the door, I have become a spectator. I stand on the front porch, holding the cat against his will and pathetically waving his paw, as she drives away alone for the first time, giving a broad grin and a thumbs up as she glides down the street. We don't let go of our children all at once, but rather moment by moment.

Change of Lifestyle, Eating Habits Decreases Risk of Osteoporosis
by Camey

Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones over a period of time due to old age, menopause in women, loss of estrogen levels, a diet that lacks enough calcium and no exercise. Osteoporosis, often referred to as a silent killer, often goes undetected.

Definition of the Perfect Mother
by Sylvia Park

I used to think that a perfect mother is someone who sacrifices her life for her children, but now, I have learned that mothers have their own lives, too. They should be able to enjoy their lives. Moms shouldn't be treated as slaves. They are not here to work for us, but to love us.

Just One American Beauty Rose
by Marilyn Jacobs

The crash woke me. Sitting up, I looked around. In the dim light coming through the window, I saw my tall glass bud vase broken on the floor.

Sheri McGregor -- Writer/Dreamer/Mother -- Making It All Fit
by Julia Rosien

Successful freelance journalist and romance novelist Sheri McGregor home-schooled her five children before she ventured into the world with her own dreams. A self-professed earth mother she nursed for ten consecutive years, straight through her pregnancies, while keeping her dreams tucked away in her heart. Now she balances a full-time writing career with motherhood in southern California.

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