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A Journey

by Catherine Harris

Tropical Goddess, by Cat Johnston
Tropical Goddess
by Cat Johnston
I feel the goddesses call for me to run with them, fly with them, and move out of the comfort zone my restless spirit seems so comfortable residing within.

I am moved to dance with the waves of the ocean, and I fly upon the breeze past the troubles that were plaguing me.

Looking within my soul I see the ancient women that came before me. I see them work in the fields to gather food and medicine. I see them calling upon the same goddesses that now call to me.

I watch as they dance within the circle of life and waltz with death. They call upon the Maiden, Mother and Crone to help with their lives. In every birth, in every marriage bed, and in every death the Goddess is there.

In the not so ancient past I see women fearing for their lives. No longer are they free to call upon the great Earth Mother. Underground and driven to secrecy, they continue to teach their daughters the work they know must be passed on.

I hear the women and children scream as they are tortured for believing in something so pure that it intimidated men. I watch, helpless, as they are ripped apart, hung, sexually assaulted and drowned. I see husbands grieving for lost wives, and children grieving for lost mothers.

The sight of the mothers crying out into the night for children who met death too soon breaks my heart and I weep.

I fly over the land, through the mist of time.

I watch as women with determination and love in their eyes gather into a circle to dance with the goddesses. I watch as they support each other through hard times and laugh with each other during times of joy. I see them weep the tears for the death of the past, and I hear them vow that it will never happen again. I watch as they gather their children for a May Pole dance, and then

I am swept away once more.

There in the darkness I see a woman sitting at her desk. Sorrow fills her eyes, and I notice that her tear stained face is drawn. I long to reach out and touch her.

She is struggling to accept her own definitions, and the world around her pushes her to make reasonable choices. I sense that her heart is pure, and she desires to have her spirituality validated. When she needs relief she calls upon the Goddess and the peace that floods her spirit, soul, and body is never taken for granted.

There is no return to the comfort zone, for in the journey there has been growth. I lift my eyes to the heavens and touch my hand to the earth. I understand in that moment all that I have to accomplish. I realize in that instant that people have died in order for me to be free.

I have no shame in the goddesses that walk the paths with me. The choice is clear, and with boldness I cry to the wind,

I will never forget.

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Catherine makes her home in a small rural town in Northeastern, North Carolina. There you will find her experiencing life with her husband and their three children. Some of her interests include history, free thought, mysticism, journaling, and music.

Catherine's honest passion of motivating people has taken her into the realms of politics, esteem issues, and personal freedoms and rights. Those people that follow her work and/or know her say that they admire Catherine’s powerful insight into the issues that she follows closely.

Catherine is dedicated to making a mark on the world with her talent of speaking and writing. Catherine wishes to leave her words for future generations in the hope that racism and hatred will become things of the distant past.

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