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Autumn 2001, Volume 6, Edition 1

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Reaping the Abundance of your Success
Mabon, the Autumn equinox, is a time of balance and harmony, with the sun and the moon equally dividing the hours into day and night. As we move into Autumn's splendor, filled with vibrant color and natural abundance, our energies turn toward completion and contemplation. Have we managed to emulate nature in celebrating her achievements, or do we refrain from claiming our due?

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By Loretta Kemsley


On September 11, more than 6,000 people died in an attack on the American people that is unprecedented in our country's history. And in the wake of that tragedy, people from all over the world are coming together to understand, support and unite with one another. We hope this special section will keep stimulating the conversation so that we can look into the future and see a world that is different in a way that is good for all of humanity. One planet, one people, one voice.
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Summer so sweet is leaving us, making way for the abundance of Autumn. The fullness of the moon joins in celebrating the rich, ripe harvest. Join our Best of Theme authors as they share the bounty of life.
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Rising Stars
Rising Stars is a division of Moondance created for and dedicated to aspiring writers. No matter how fluently the creative pen flows, writing as a profession is challenging. Rising Stars provides aspiring writers with useful information and inspiring articles to assist and comfort along the journey.
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