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Moondance; Celebrating Creative Women


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Amphibious Green
by Nnedi Okorafor
Ada sat in the middle of the bus trying to disappear. It was like this everyday. When the group of young white boys each took turns spitting in her hair, she did as she did practically everyday; she recited frog genus’ in her head: Agalychnis, Atelopus, Bufo, Centrolenella, Dendrobates, Hyla. As she walked home, her hair laden with saliva, she’d always begin to feel better. Anything was better than the bus ride home. She was the only black girl in the third grade.

by Laurie Joan Aron
It's nearly seven o'clock and the only logical reason Jamie is not here at his grandmother's house the way he's supposed to be is that he's dead. Did I tell him "see you later" this morning when we both charged out of the house, him to the crosstown bus and me to the subway downtown? That "see you later" is the protective shield I try to throw over him every morning when he ventures out into the world. It's what ensures that he'll come back.

Parcel of Affection
by Amy S. Pierce
The sun was starting to go down and cast its pinkish-red reflection on the shore. As Caitlin walked a little further along the beach, she could see a candlelit table for two. She looked around but didn't see anyone. Finally, she decided to sit down and wait.Within seconds, she heard classical music playing. She then was greeted by a string quartet. In amazement, she saw a man walk towards her.

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