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Falling Away
by Regina Phelps
I wonder where the word "fall" comes from. Why is it used in connection with autumn?

Moving Toward the Sun
by Elizabeth Stewart
Autumn is not only a time of reaping and conserving the bounty of past efforts; it's also a time of new conceptions, new perspectives, new plans, and new purposes.

Reveling in Creation: Stagecoach Reinswomen on the American Frontier
by Loretta Kemsley
A stagecoach driver was commonly called a "Jehu," taken from the name of a Biblical character who drove fast and furiously. Most Jehus were men, but that didn't stop a few determined women from taking their turn in the box.

A Search for Beauty
by Lyn Carr
I make every effort to find something beautiful in everything I see. My effort seems to work on everything and everyone but me.

Reflections on Samhuinn
by Diane Dees Tobiason
During this period which marked the end of summer but not yet the beginning of winter, the door to the other world opened, and the dead and the living could mingle.

The Stone Path
by Maria Troia Jeffreys
Destiny? I'm not sure. But I know something has brought me to where I am.


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