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Protecting Your Karma (Use What You've Learned), by Ruth Marie Davis

Ever asked yourself if you've been here before? Ever gone someplace you've never been before and felt like you've seen it, done it, or experienced it already...experienced what the French call dejà vu?

For my Family, by Kymberli McNiven

Sitting in Kymberli's room tonight awake at 2:24 in the morning. Awake, when I should be asleep, resting. Resting for Kym's big day to come home from the hospital after having brain surgery.

The Betrayal, by Gaye Sutton

It was magic, standing there with that man. I don't know if my hand turned towards his or his hand turned towards mine, but our hands turned and joined...and Mike was back! My Mike! I met him there beside the river.

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