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Inspirations Staff

Cheryl Nicholas, Editor

Cheryl Nicholas Cheryl Nicholas is a registered nurse, freelance author and editor. She has a Bachelor's of Science from Southeastern Louisiana University and majored in psychiatric social work at the University of Washington. She lives in a town nestled in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains in Western Washington. She writes nonfiction essays and stories depicting life's challenges as opportunities for growth.

Joyce Wakefield , Assistant Editor

Joyce Wakefield is the publicity director for the Oklahoma City Writers, Inc., a published poet and writer, and a totally dotty grandmother!

Diane Leva, Copy Editor

Diane Leva is a scientist by training, but an artist and writer by heart, Diane Leva has a BS degree in Environmental Science. Hobbies include reading (LOTS of it), with a special interest in science fiction/fantasy, mystery, and nature. She also enjoys needlecrafting, weather-watching, and caring for her three Siamese cats. She's a self-taught artist, with over 20 years of experience in many media, and is an aspiring writer of both non-fiction and fiction.

Nicole Denae Stolpa, Designer

Nicole Denae Stolpa Nicole Stolpa attends Harvard University, working toward a degree in Medieval History, and is an applications developer at KPMG Acumen in Boston, Mass. She spends much of her free time creating web pages for herself and friends, including her own homepage, A Chaos of Deep Passion; Chicks on Wrestling; and Wildlands South. She enjoys writing, sewing medieval fantasy costumes, participating in live action medieval-fantasy recreation events, and spoiling her cat.

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