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The Myth of Separation
Barbara Zizza

Sometimes, our unique gifts bring us feelings of isolation and separateness. Although being separate from Spirit is the issue humanity struggles with daily, separation from fellow humans is an issue just as large and rarely spoken about. I'd bet most of us at one time or another have felt odd or unacceptable, unlovable out in the world. Maybe we have compared ourselves to someone who appears to be confident and at ease while talking and laughing with a group of people.

Our ego tells us we are separate -- spirit tells us we are one. From the same source -- different pieces of the larger puzzle. No one piece is more important than another in a jigsaw puzzle. Each has its position to help create the whole and, if one is missing, the space cannot be filled by another. The missing piece is mourned, the loss felt.

We are each pieces of the whole picture of life on this earthly plane, and we each have an equally important role. Egos tell us one is more important, but ego is a manifestation of human need, not an outgrowth of the spiritual gifts we all possess. Our puzzle may be much larger than the 27" X 22" on the coffee table, but each piece is every bit as important, and when you hide your piece away you deny the world picture a complete view. Grief and loss follow.

'Higher Simplicity' by Ober Rae Starr

Changes are happening on our planet at a rapid rate. Our societies are joined by technology. Less and less are we tolerant of separatism and prejudice. The generation of children born in the late 1980's and after are surrounded daily by media which brings races, colors, sexes, and religions together and tells these kids they have rights, and a voice, and choices. It is the antithesis of the messages we received in the 1950's and early 60's when I was young.

It appears that the norm is evolving, and that human existence will rise to another level. Ponder this: The politics we've accepted for years are no longer in existence. The belief in negative politics, separation of people, poverty, socially imposed pain -- no longer alive. No longer will we live from the powerless place of dysfunctional 3rd chakras. What an awakening.

There is an affirmation in the Course In Miracles which states, "Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists." When we are in fear -- fear of change, fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of rejection, on and on -- is it real? Or is that a manifestation of the mass belief that abundance in all its forms is only for someone else?

A person with an abundance of money feels lonely. A person with many friends is financially empty. Do either of them believe in abundance? When we feel fragile and when we believe something to be lacking in our lives, we feel threatened. If nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists, then our fragility, our sense of lacking, our perception that we lack abundance must be unreal. How else can we explain the threat we experience?

When I look into my first chakra I see extending back generations a belief system that says we are unworthy, we don't fit in, we are unacceptable as we are, we are hopeless. This is the legacy my human ancestors have given me. My spiritual ancestors tell me to clear it away. That the negative beliefs and thought patterns I've inherited and planted in my lower chakras serve only to separate me from others and make it difficult for me to find my true gifts, my abundance, the space in the puzzle where my piece fits.

I could ponder where all the myths, misconceptions, guilt, negativity started, but their origins seem irrelevant to me. Recognition of their existence and not letting them live and breathe a moment longer once I've recognized them is the important factor to me.

Helping my daughter to see into her chakras and remove the seeds there that have passed from me, replacing them with seeds of love, acceptance, abundance, and truth is also my goal. Think about it. If every one of our children and their children world-wide replace their ego-tainted seeds with pure spiritual seeds, the world vision will be formed in truth instead of rhetoric, sharing instead of hoarding, acceptance instead of separation. Love.

Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras relate to the earthly plane. They hold emotions and programming given to us by our families and outside social institutions. Our beliefs about survival, our sexuality and ways of relating to others, our will and creativity on the material plane are held in these chakras. Developing a clear and clean relationship with them inspires growth and well-being. Let go of your pain and search within to clear your negative inheritances.

There is no blame attached. Generations passed on what former generations had passed to them. But that programming no longer has to be the norm. Remove it and feel the relief that comes from believing in yourself and connecting with other human beings and with spirit.

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Barbara Zizza is an Intuitive Counselor and Teacher practicing in Eureka, CA. She began doing intuitive work in 1987 while also working in the mental health field with children, young adults, and their families. In session she combines the spiritual guidance she receives with the counseling skills she has attained to assist in bringing clarity, solutions, and growth to the people she works with. Ms. Zizza states, "I am amazed daily by the transformations my life has taken. Being diagnosed with Lupus, changing my career path, teaching, writing. I believe that wonderful opportunities can come out of adversity." Ms. Zizza can be reached through her email address:

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Artwork "Higher Simplicity" by Ober Rae Starr.
See more of her work at

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