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Table of Contents

Me, Myself and Yabut
by Cheryl Nicholas

As a young woman, I watched as she struggled to fill the hole in her soul...her fight against drug addiction and alcoholism. Yes, I stood by and observed in silence as her rage burst forward. I heard the crashing of glass as windows and dishes shattered under her force fueled by fear she couldn't recognize. I watched her lose her mind after a fatal car accident, then crept silently into her hidden soul when she was institutionalized.

The Myth of Separation
by Barbara Zizza

When I look into my first chakra I see extending back generations a belief system that says we are unworthy, we don't fit in, we are unacceptable as we are, we are hopeless. This is the legacy my human ancestors have given me. My spiritual ancestors tell me to clear it away. That the negative beliefs and thought patterns I've inherited and planted in my lower chakras serve only to separate me from others and make it difficult for me to find my true gifts, my abundance, the space in the puzzle where my piece fits.

Shadow Comfort
by Jennifer Louden

Shadow comforts are encumbrances like eating too many sweets, watching too much TV, shopping for things we don't need, surfing the Internet for hours, reading too much -- numbing out. Another word for these behaviors is soft addictions or buffers. As CQ says, "Shadow comfort doesn't nourish you, it diminishes you. It's what many people think of when they think of comfort. They are actually punishing themselves instead of nourishing their souls."

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