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Transforming Our Spirit In Winter

Depressing, cold, dark. These are words often used to describe the descent of winter. Yet, others might say invigorating, exciting, a bright world of white. Most would agree winter is a time of being still and conserving energy. This makes winter a season of reflection, looking back at years past and forward to new creative energy. While we hibernate, we can also renew.
     In The Return of Spirit, Josie RavenWing reminds us our spirit is abundant even when the earth lies dormant. “We might want to consider power as a spiritual essence, a cosmic flow of Energy that we create, sustaining and transforming moment by moment the universe of which we are a part. That essence is abundant and free. Spiritual power is both outside and within each of us. We all have the need and ability to experience and exercise it responsibly in positive, enjoyable and productive ways.”
      The words of Steve Chandler, author of Reinventing Yourself, also resonate in the bracing chill air of winter. “Spirit is a low flame inside us just waiting for the pump to bring the oxygen in. Outside circumstances do not activate the pump. We do. We can pump it anytime we want. That's why taking a deep breath always improves any circumstance we are in. It dilutes fear. It focuses the mind. It relaxes the body. It expands thinking, so it feeds the spirit. The word ‘inspire’ literally means ‘to breathe in.’ But if we never do this, the spirit will suffocate inside a finished, stagnant personality. It can't breathe inside a sealed off notion of who we are and always will be.”
      Nature transforms herself via the flow of her seasons. We can transform ourselves through our creative impulses. Chandler champions this ability. “Multiple personalities are among the most dramatic examples of how powerful we humans really are. We can be anybody we want to be. We invent ourselves as we go, we just don't know it....Keep in mind that you are many people. You can be whoever you want to be, with practice insight you are still more astonishing with the many creations waiting to be made up.”
      Chris Griscom, in Feminine Fusion, empathizes that we all possess both masculine and feminine energy. She calls on us to increase our use of feminine energy and begin to release our use masculine energy. “Thus far we have been shaped by a world charted through masculine energy, the energy of form...There is another kind of energy that is invisible but is the very source material of all potential. This is the feminine energy, divine spiritual consciousness that expresses itself through formless essence rather than structure of matter.”
      “The way of the masculine, or yang, energy simply cannot take us up to these new levels of existence because the natural flow of the masculine moves outward to structure, not inward to ‘knowing,’ as does the feminine.” We simply cannot continue our external expansion any further until we begin to learn about these inner realms of existence.... Feminine energies described very inward faculties such as intuition, empathy, encompassing, spirituality. Masculine, or yang, energies are those forces that extend outward such as manifesting, rational, linear, protecting. Thus, Yang energy moves out to form manifestation, and yin energy circles more inward to essence.
      “Feminine energy is the new bright star on the horizon of consciousness!It has shone silently in the heavens, awaiting the point in human evolution from which we could look up above the horizon over daily existence and wonder who we are and what we are about....It is a great inheritance because it is the energy the binds the future and the past. It merges experience and knowing into a present of superb potential.”
      As we wait for winter to rest and renew our world, we too should be resting and reflecting upon the form our energy will take as we once again move toward the creative light of Spring.

By Loretta Kemsley
Women Artists and Writers International
Writer, Editor and Editorial Coach

Loretta Kemsley's Personal Portfolio: Women's Writings


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