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The Nonfiction Team

Nicole Janeen Jones, Nonfiction Editor

Nicole Janeen Jones, Nonfiction Editor
A freelance writer/editor and preschool teacher in a state licensed group day care facility, Ms. Jones graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 1996 with a Bachelor's degree in English and psychology. Several of her fiction, poetry and essays have been published in literary magazines, both in print and on the Internet. She has experience editing novels and a game manual for a role playing game.

Gaye Sutton, Nonfiction Assistant Editor

Gaye was born in Wellington the capital city of New Zealand and lived around there most of her life. She graduated from Victoria University with a Masters in Social Work and is currently writing a book that tells the stories of women who escaped from violent relationships and their relationships with counsellors and therapists. She is a Senior Lecturer at CIT, Wellington on a Counselling undergraduate programme. When her children left home (5 years ago), she and her husband sold their house and went to live in the country. They built their new house and now live on a 27 acres land. They are gradually moving towards organic farming. Gayle commutes to the city every day.

Elizabeth Wicker Bennefeld, Opinions & Nonfiction Copy Editor

Elizabeth Bennfeld, Opinions & Nonfiction Copy Editor Elizabeth Wicker Bennefeld has earned a living as a freelance writer, copyeditor and academic style editor in Fargo, North Dakota, since 1984. Previously, she was employed by a regional bank corporation in computer operations. Bennefeld received a bachelor of arts degree in English and philosophy, and her poetry and prose have appeared in literary and other publications since the late 1960s.
Liz also manages:

Michelle "Jaguwar" Petit-Sumrall, Nonfiction Web Designer

Michelle joined Moondance and the Nonfiction Team just in time for the Winter 98 edition. A self-taught, independent web designer and graphic artist, she is also:
  • Co-Administrator of the Wild Poetry Forum; affectionately known as WPF, it is an interactive online community for writers and poets that recieved 10 000 visitors in less than 3 months... prompting the registration of it's own domain name;
  • Co-author of the 5th Power Instructional CD, a collection of 100 tutorials for Paint Shop Pro ® divided in 2 volumes.

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