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Fire on Our Street

by Julia Rosien

We stood there in the wet grass and damp night air watching as firefighters worked and police cars arrived. Not morbid curiosity, but concern drove us to stand freezing and chatting with each other in the middle of the night. We all live on this street and though we may not see each other every day we care.

I heard Giovanni screeching like that of a wounded cat as I stood in the hallway of our two-story home. I froze as terror ripped my heart. What was happening? I thought. My son came running up the stairs. "Mom, Mom, Dad is drunk and he is trying to kill himself.

The Mythos of Music

by Lloyd Michael Lohr

In faith and spirit, the mystical periphery of music evolves and comes to the forefront. Music will invoke feelings of passion, aggression or solitude in all of us.

Jimmy's New Shoes

by Marie A. Kennedy

When the bus came and Cindy opened the door Jimmy held onto the rail and walked up the four steps. He stopped at the top and said , "Look! Look at my new shoes! and no braces!" Miss Cindy said,"Oh my gosh, I can't believe it." He turned to me and smiled. He got into his seat and blew me a kiss and gave me the thumbs up sign, like he always does.

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