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What's New Under The Moon

Moondance has moved to a new server! (August 20th, 2000)

The Moondance Web site has just moved to a brand new server where we'll have a lot more room to grow. The new host provides us with a lot more functionality and that means benefits for our readers as well as for us. For one thing, you'll probably notice that the site is faster than before and pages load quite a bit quicker. Furthermore, we'll be able to provide you with services that weren't available to us before. Readers that are part of existing Mailing list communities or that might like to start one will be able to host them with us on our server. That means you will be free of those services that put ads in every message. We are working out the details as we speak and will keep you posted on this and any other services we may be able to offer our readers.


New Moondance Search Engine!

In the almost 5 years that it has been online, the Moondance Web site has grown tremendously in size because we have kept and archived every issue that we've published since our beginnings in the Fall of '96. We have made all of those issues available to our readers in the Moondance Chronicles which list all 15 past issues chronologically, representing well over 1000 pages of writings you might have to sift through to find an article about a specific topic of interest.
But now, in addition to the Moondance Chronicles, you can use the new Moondance Search Engine to look through our entire site and find pieces about particular topics, pieces written by a specific person or containing specific words. We hope that this new feature will be useful to you and that it will help you find what you are looking for. On the search page itself, you will find detailed instructions on how to use the engine and about how you can refine your search queries in order to find the exact piece or pieces that you're looking for.


The Moondance Discussion Forum

The Moondance Discussion Forum has undergone many changes recently. The Forum software has been updated to a new version and the Forum's look has been revamped. A new topic for Feedback & Suggestions has also been added so don't hesitate to post your comments or your requests. You can interact directly with our staff or with other readers and get involved in the growing Moondance community. If you have not done so already, don't wait and create yourself a profile on the Forum today!

Moon Lore, Publisher's Essay

The Artistic Traveler
When seeking the muse, are you a good traveler, or do you insist upon knowing the outcome of your journey? Too often, we stifle our creativity when we refuse to enjoy the adventure and concentrate only upon the ultimate destination.
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By Loretta Kemsley

New On Moondance

Our Summer edition brings an amazing variety of ideas to treasure. Our contributors are sure to inspire an appreciation of ourselves as we are: nurturing, compassionate, adaptable and valuable. Our Best of Theme selections are just the beginning of a pleasurable journey through our pages.
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