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Our Summer edition brings an amazing variety of ideas to treasure. Our contributors are sure to inspire an appreciation of ourselves as we are: nurturing, compassionate, adaptable and valuable. Our Best of Theme selections are just the beginning of a pleasurable journey through our pages.


by AnneMarie Winski

I say, embrace your age, imaginary lines and all. Remember, what you put out there is what you get in return. Love yourself for the person you have become and don't blame the youngster for calling you "Ma'am."


by Lynda Ortiz

I heard Giovanni screeching like that of a wounded cat as I stood in the hallway of our two-story home. I froze as terror ripped my heart. What was happening? I thought. My son came running up the stairs. "Mom, Mom, Dad is drunk and he is trying to kill himself.

Song and Story

by Ellen M. Morrison, Ph.D.

It's 8:11a.m. on a Tuesday. School day. For the past eleven years, this particular time of day has meant "get to school." For all the change that we have experienced, different jobs, different schools, different priorities, those powerful moments between 8:00 and 8:30 have always raised the pulse . .


by Sarah Zimmer

One day when THE OWNER yelled at her, the bird was no longer able to shut down and hide her emotions. She just wanted to be loved. The bird began to cry. During the many hours of her crying THE OWNER tried to justify his behavior by explaining that he was an egalitarian pet owner and he didn't do anything.


by Lyn Carr

Eating with others was a way to get people together, a way to gather with friends, share a little of ourselves, and develop relationships.



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