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Zen and the Art of Cuticle Maintenance
by Roberta E. Morgan

We do not need to hammer home this point of enjoying both pain and pleasure, to get into monthly menstrual cycles and of course, the multifaceted, mystical union of agony and ecstasy called childbirth. Would men be contemplative during menstrual and labor pains, thankful for their fruitfulness? Sure. They'd also be breaking furniture and doctors' arms.


Managed Health Care: Stop the Oxymorons
by Jolie Kenney

I have experienced firsthand the reality of the unhealthy and unjust guidelines unilaterally enforced by so-called Health Maintenance Organizations. Call them what you will. Managed care is a form of socialized medicine dictated solely by capitalists, pure and simple. It really makes me ill.


The Times, They Are A-Changin' . . . Or Are They?
by M. D. Hauser

Love became the basis for marriage, not how much money one or the other potential spouse had. This idea has been the central theme of countless stories and sagas. Love is the most important thing in the world. When you have love, you don't need anything else. Love makes the world go 'round. Unless you live in California.


Will the Times Hurry Up and Change Already?
by Christine L. Reed

If two people (or one person and an animal, or two shoes and a cockatoo), love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, no man's law should stand in their way. Since laws do have a nasty habit of standing in our way, we need to abolish those stupid laws.


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