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Molokai (Part 2)

by Alex Shih

I took off for the west side to see the Halava valley for the afternoon. For one stretch of the road there was no one else but me, as if it existed just for me. I realized this was the perfect place I had been looking for to do my screaming. I was on a beautiful but deserted road, in a rental car with the windows rolled up.

As We Begin, So Do We End

by Maureen Maloney Ehlbeck

We will all wrinkle and get ill and die. And as this process takes place, our lives reverse. We regain some of the clarity and the pureness that we has as small children, as well as the need to be cared for.

In Defense of Imagination

by Kelly Boyer Sagert

Imaginators, are a tough breed, hanging tight under the withering glances of the deprived, and flourishing when together. About twenty of us met at the firelands writer center retreat in the summer of 1998, held at a private summer home on the beaches of marblehead. We were lead through a weekend of telling stories, and our imaginations encouraged.

The Learning Curve

by Kate Groff

I've always wanted to travel, never had time or know me, never really wanted just to take a has to mean something....I need to learn from my is this opportunity for a three week externship in Thailand...

Sex Maniac

by Sonia Pressman Fuentes

From the age of ten I had felt there was a mission to my life, a mission I had to accomplish and that I was not free simply to marry, raise a family and pursue happiness. Thus I found myself in 1965 in a brand new job in a brand new agency with repsonibility for fighting discrimination, including that based on sex. When I came to the EEOC I was blithely unaware of the legislative history of the Act. I just read the law and thought it prohibited sex discrimination in employment. For that heretical notion, Charlie Dunacn Duncan called me a "sex maniac".

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