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You fling open the shower curtain and frantically dry yourself, hoping to dress before the goosebumps send the cold into your bones. "Maybe tonight," you think as you brush your teeth, "you will find that mythical person to drive away the demons that haunt you as you sleep." Maybe you will finally drive away that old lover who is long gone, and yet, still very much alive in your heart.

You pray that you will find relief as you dry your hair. You pray for someone to chase away this ghastly lover who has moved on to haunt a new house, and yet, still will not leave you alone. You hope, you pray, and then you compromise.

"Aspects Of Lust"
by Patse Helmsley

"If God is dead, or my prayers fall on deaf ears, let me at least find some medication," a voice cries out on your behalf as you begin dressing yourself. Medication...a salve to rub all over your body, numbing your pain with ecstasy, leaving your heart to ache in a vacuum as you revel in intoxicating lust.

"Let it be tonight," you say as you slide into your evening dress, crisp and erect, hugging your skin, almost reaching inside you. You put on your shirt and look in the mirror, trying to smooth away the wrinkles in yourself as you spray on some perfume. One more last look and you say, "I am ready," as you walk out of the door and step into the mysterious night.

Matthew McCarter: I am a senior at Dallas Baptist University. I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis in English. I hope to move on to graduate studies later this year. I have been writing (keeping journals, etc.) for many years, but only pursued publishing my work after being given some encouragement by an instructor. I won a College Writing Contest at school and have published a few pieces of poetry in traditional publications. My most quotable statement would be "Life is just a carnival and we are all just another ride." I live in Dallas, Texas for now, but I grew up in rural Missouri and hope to some day return to the country.

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