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"Grieving Of The Earth" by Amelia Campbell

Years ago, Time Magazine had on its cover: "GOD IS DEAD." I can still recall how this affected me. I was too naive to understand that not everything you read should be taken literally, and I was terribly frightened. I knew God wasn't dead, but I was horrified to imagine there were those who thought He was.

The article was, in fact, a wake-up call for people to pay attention to the need to believe. And I feel it's time to reset the alarm clock.

Call God your "Higher Power," "The Force that's with you always," "Our Father," "Mother Nature"--- I don't care. I do care that we've let Him slide too much from our lives, families, schools, society, even our planet and the world in general. We (myself included) can become so buried in responsibilities and goals that it's easy to take our "silent partner" for granted. Schools are forced to adhere to the rules separating church from state, yet wasn't our nation born as "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"?

As a society, apparently it's easier to preach morality (through heated debates over abortions, legalization of marijuana, whether perjury is a "high crime or a misdemeanor," if gays have the right to marry, if presidential candidates used drugs in the '60s, blah blah blah) than it is to "Let go, let God." Remember, only God can pass judgment.

Many people seem to survive just fine without Him. Until tragedy strikes, that is. Then we run, don't walk, to our houses of worship, praying for strength, offering others hope and support through our own triumph over adversity, thanks be to God. At least for a while. Until something comes along again to cause us to lose faith.

We wonder how God can allow the world to carry on in such a sorry state of affairs (literally and figuratively) without His divine intervention. When a beloved princess is killed in a car accident or a past president's handsome son dies in a plane crash, we question God. We question our own mortality. We ponder why we are here, our purpose, the meaning of life and the unfairness of death.

If only everyone could grasp the Golden Rule! You know, the "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and obey the inner voice that tells them right from wrong. What a wonderful world it would be!

Yet, too often, we bend and mold our consciences to fit our at-the-moment agendas, the same way our legal system does with laws and our constitutional "rights." When this works in our favor, the last one we think about is God. When it doesn't, we turn to Him to fix what we mucked up. Jeez! It's like when Karl Marx said something to the effect that "Religion is the opiate of the masses." People use a tiny bit of religion to get them through the stressful times, and then take sole credit when they're back on their feet again. Holy moly!

God has been ignored in our society for so long that I fear He'll again be presumed dead. Or at least MIA. Time Magazine helped our wounded nation to heal at a time we needed to wake up to His music. I sincerely believe it's time we do so again.


Jolie Kenney is a full-time writer and reviewer for America Online's Digital City, Inc., a freelance writer for Gaiam.com, and a licensed syndicated columnist/author (Ask JES)

E-mail Jolie Kenney at


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