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Autumn 2000, Volume 5, Edition 1

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We need your help. We'll soon be offering discussion groups --via email lists-- and newsletters for artists, writers and other creative people -- including yourself. We need to know what focus these interactive discussion groups and newsletters should take: how-to workshops, emotional support for the creative woman, which genres, meet the author or artist, or ????? You tell us. We're listening. Post a suggestion in the Forum.

Have you seen the poetry discussion on the forum: How is poetry a part of your life? We'd like to know and so would our other readers, so talk to us and energize our poets by telling them what poetry means to you in the Forum

The author of "Surviving Ophelia" is looking for mothers of teenage daughters to contribute their experiences. Here's one excerpt from the forum discussion --Deciding what path my life purpose will be-- "As bad as things are, in the middle of our struggles I realized there was no book to guide mothers of troubled daughters. This idea would not leave me as I thought of all the women who have supported me by sharing their stories and experiences."

Read more in our discussion forum:

Moon Lore, Publisher's Essay

Reaping The Creative Harvest
What if the farmer could not see his crop ripen in the autumn? Would there be a harvest? Would the world starve?
Creative people sometimes find themselves starving amid a bountiful harvest because they haven't learned to see. Some call it writer's block. Others reject their own talent as a way of coping with critics. Both avenues lead to a barren field amid a land of plenty.

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By Loretta Kemsley

Best Of Theme

In Autumn, the rewards of the season are harvested. It is a time for giving thanks for all our blessings and letting our hearts fly to the highest heights. Reaping what we have sown, our readers will delight in this edition's "Best of Theme" authors and artists.
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