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What if the farmer could not see his crop ripen in the autumn? Would there be a harvest? Would the world starve?
        Creative people sometimes find themselves starving amid a bountiful harvest because they haven't learned to see. Some call it writer's block. Others reject their own talent as a way of coping with critics. Both avenues lead to a barren field amid a land of plenty.
        In The Vein of Gold, Julia Cameron tries to help us reclaim the abundance which is naturally ours. "The vein of gold is this sense of self and connecting to self that comes when we are utterly true to ourselves. It is, in short, a sort of power beam that we can access in our heart of hearts. This beam is the dazzling light of spiritual clarity: we see our gifts as God-given and realize how to actualize them. When we are centered in our hearts, when we act in accordance with our truest nature, we access and express our vein of gold. We do it automatically, creatively, consistently."
        Reaping the bounty of our talent is complicated by society's view of creative disciplines. Many cultures place a higher value on logical thinking while ignoring other aspects of intelligence. Our schools reflect this limited view, often ignoring the findings of the very scientific principles they acclaim.
        Michael J. Gelb, in How to think like Leonardo da Vinci, broadens the definition of intelligence and talent. "The seven intelligences are logical-mathematical, verbal-linguistic, spatial-mechanical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal-social, intra-personal (self-knowledge). The theory of multiple intelligences is now accepted widely and, when combined with the realization that intelligence can be developed throughout life, offers a powerful inspiration for aspiring Renaissance men and women. In addition to expanding the understanding of the nature and scope of intelligence, contemporary psychological research has revealed startling truth about the extent of your potential. We can summarize the results with the phrase: your brain is much better than you think."
        This is especially important to women, whose intelligence is often based upon different patterns than men. Because the world has been largely defined by patriarchal influences, women's ways have been marginalized. Yet, amidst this denial, there has also been an indirect acknowledgment and appreciation of the difference.
        In Myths to Live By Joseph Campbell pointed to these hidden tributes. "It seems to me important to remark that, whereas when masculine figures appear they're always clothed in some sort of costume, [while] these female figurines are absolutely naked, simply standing, unadorned. This says something about the psychological and consequently mythical values of, respectively, the male and female presences. The woman is immediately mythic in herself and is experienced as such, not only as the source and giver of life, but also in the magic of her touch and presence. The accord of her seasons with the cycles of the moon is a matter of mystery too."
        "The accord of her seasons" Autumn is a time when the rewards of the season are harvested. It is also a time for giving thanks for our blessings. We have been blessed with multiple talents and intelligences. It is time to rejoice while reaping what our talent has sown. Stop for a moment, look around with new perceptions and really see the visionary worlds that appear.

By Loretta Kemsley
Women Artists and Writers International
Writer, Editor and Editorial Coach

Loretta Kemsley's Personal Portfolio: Women's Writings


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