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"I felt rather smug and comfortable with how I was handling the approach of middle-age.
Then came the hurricane--metaphorically speaking that is. I found myself being buffeted by unexpected
and unwanted winds of change."

"As with many of the stories floating around our home, the Crock Pot Theory has grown until it isnít really about crock pots at all. It is the official name for my unending search to make it all come together. It is not uncommon for me to be convinced there is one more item I need to accomplish my goal."

"They cannot 'take wing' the way that songbirds do, but they are willing to make the attempt. We think we did right
by them, for they are brave and bold and willing to take on any challenge. They are all grown up now, yet for years they will remain Our Babies with unclipped wings."

"Whatever the source of my inspiration, I cannot remember a time when I was not fascinated with the art of quilting. When I was only nine years old, I asked for and received my very first Singer sewing machine. That machine was the first step in an odyssey of self-education in sewing and quilting that has continued for more than twenty years."


"There is no denying the computer field is full of employment opportunities, but computer careers are not for everybody, and all computer-related fields are not alike. Computers are big business, but so is computer training. Before you leap into the unknown, take a moment to gather information and do some soul-searching."

You, my dear readers, have to be more careful than ever. The new physican is less informed, and more time-challenged than in the previous 50 years. The new physician does not have the resources to get you the time and attention you require.

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