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Nicole Janeen Jones, Nonfiction Editor

Nicole Janeen Jones, Nonfiction Editor (Summer 1999)
A freelance writer/editor and preschool teacher in a state licensed group day care facility, Ms. Jones graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 1996 with a Bachelor's degree in English and psychology. Several of her fiction, poetry and essays have been published in literary magazines, both in print and on the Internet. She has experience editing novels and a game manual for a role playing game.



Michelle "Jaguwar" Petit, Nonfiction Web Designer

Michelle 'Jaguwar' Petit, Nonfiction Designer (Winter to Summer 1999)
Michelle joined Moondance and the Nonfiction Team just in time for the Winter 98 edition. A self-taught, independent web designer and graphic artist, she is also:
  • Community Leader for Geocities;
  • Co-Administrator of the Wild Poetry Forum; affectionately known as WPF, it is an interactive online community for writers and poets that recieved 10 000 visitors in less than 3 months... prompting the registration of it's own domain name;
  • Co-author of the 5th Power Instructional CD, a collection of 100 tutorials for Paint Shop Pro ® divided in 2 volumes.
All this while juggling a career as.. a single mom. Oh what women can do in one day!

  We currently have two positions open, for Assistant Editor and Copyeditor. This season, Pam Willis generously offered to take on the Copyediting job. Thank you Pamela!

This Season's Nonfiction articles

Pure Torture
A Fire in my Heart
A Night with the Stars
House of History
Housework, Children and Writing: A Balancing Act

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