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Take Smaller Steps by Barb Hampton

"I have come to recognize the Essence of Season in my Cycles of Change. Every Summer brings that Mid-Summer Moment. Too far from Spring to remember the wonder, too far from Fall to focus on the harvest. Each time Iím there, in that moment, I remember something that happened a very long time ago."

Rekindling the Fire, by Gail Woods Thompson

"Iíve been drowning in a sea of duty and I have no one to blame but myself. It was I who chose to listen to the internal censors, those small but insistent voices that said, ďYou canít write that, what would your family think?"

Heart of the Hearth, by Jo Leath

"The maple by the driveway stood majestic and tall. This was a tree that had stood through hundreds of winter storms, had sprung into new yellow life for as many seasons. It had flamed with the fire of Eastern seaboard autumns since before my ancestors set foot on this land. This maple tree was a totem to history, and I loved it."

Alive Online
Free Speech on the Net: Too Hot An Issue to Handle?

"An issue often raised in connection with the growth of the Internet, both by those with a political agenda and others genuinely concerned with the direction in which our society is headed, is freedom of speech."

If Your Computer Can't Stand the Heat, by Thomas W. Shinder, M.D., M.C.S.E.

"You know the old saying: "some like it hot." Computers, in general --though better able to withstand the tropics than they were twenty years ago -- don't. What can you do, then, to keep your computer from dying of "heat stroke?"

Your Health Matters
The Long, Hot Summer Ahead, by Thomas W. Shinder, M.D., M.C.S.E.

"As those in the southern hemisphere start to gather firewood and bundle up for the winter, we "up north" are looking toward what promises to be another long, hot summer. Those who work outside or who engage in outdoor activities must start now to prepare for the special problems that warmer weather brings."

The Learning Curve
Rising From the Ashes, by Skip Blaeser

"By the time they reached the entrance to lonely Lee Road, my parents knew. There were too many fire trucks, far too many. It took my parents several weeks to absorb the enormity of their loss."

Woman of Passion, Woman of Fire
Boadicea: Warrior Queen of the Britons

"Within Celtic society women were free to pursue the role of warrior. The Celts also stood behind their Queens. This was the role Boadicea took upon herself."

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