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Sister Blue

by Joanne M. Sullivan

Side by side
on brick front steps
I poke my pencil tip
into the thin skin below
your left eye
black lead deposits
a tiny blue freckle

In July sun
your squinted eyes
turn watery
your dancing feet
turn inward
then stop

For a minute
I let my eyes
go lazy staring at the
orange pink flowers
on your sleeveless shirt
a bumble bee weaves between us
You my sister
deep blue heat
always running jumping
body hitting ground
strong girl legs
strong girl arms

Come on
let's ride
our bikes
around the pond
bring our poles
go fishin'
we'll dig worms there
come on
race ya
to the garage
get up
come on

I squash my leg against yours
smile your name
admire your new
very cool blue freckle
gently pull up your socks
I am busy making you
not cry
not go inside
not get me in trouble

My poems have been published in Aurora, Mountain Muse Herb Journal, The Lowell Pearl and The Main Street Rag Poetry Journal. In December 1997, I collaborated with a graphic artist to create my first series of illustrated poems. This past December we created another series of poem prints. Both sets have been exhibited as part of the Amesbury Cultural Council's Open Studio Tour, an annual December event in Amesbury, MA. I taught writing at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, MA for 8 years and now teach workshops and read at local schools. I write poems and short stories. I am currently working on a proposal for a book detailing the healing power of writing/the creative spirit. I live with my partner, two children, cats and rabbits in an old farmhouse in Amesbury, MA. I can be reached by e-mail at

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