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Talking To My Philodendron

Green passion on the horizon of my waking.
Leaves, whose green yawn matches mine with morning,
whose breath is always sweet,
pristine peace and super-human silence,
whose beauty is never coveted by men
or envied by women,
whose constancy depends on waters of my memory,
hear me; feel me loving you,
playing Mozart concertos for you.

I test your soil for moisture,
feel of you adoringly,
sense you answer me,
in the dark tube of your stem,
speak to me in the veins of your heart.
Lift the fingery hands
on the wrists of your stems and wave at me;
tell me you hear me, feel
dreams flow through me into yours,
my senses, your perception
through long nights;
seep through me as water in your cells.

Leaves, understand the peace
I sigh into you. Let me know
I long to be with you, my body melting to earth
caressed by roots, gentle open palms against my red eyes,
green hands of the Goddess Gaia on the heart of my vegetal sleep,
on the breast, leaves, of my animal dreams.

by Daniela Gioseffi

*   *   *

Daniela Gioseffi is the Founding editor of Wise Women's Web and Skylands Writers & Artists Association. Ms. Gioseffi is an American Book Award winning author of twelve books from major presses and two grants, one in poetry and one in prose, from The New York State Council for the Arts. Women on War [Simon & Schuster/Touchstone: NY, 1990] was also published by Frauenverlag in Vienna in German.

On Prejudice: A Global Perspective [Doubleday/Anchor, 1993] won a grant award from The Ploughshares Fund World Peace Foundation and was also published in Tokyo in Japanese.

Earth Mother by Elizabeth Lyle
"Earth Mother"
by Elizabeth Lyle

She has published two books of poetry: Word Wounds & Water Flowers [Via Folios at Purdue University, 1995] and Eggs in the Lake [Boa Editions, Rochester, NY, 1980.]. Gioseffi has published her work in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, among them The Paris Reveiw, The Nation, Chelsea, Choice, Prairie Schooner, MS. and Kaleidescope: Stories of the American Experience [Oxford University Press, 1993.]. She reads her work and lectures widely throughout the USA and Europe.

Ms Gioseffi taught at New York University's Publishing Institute, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, Long Island University and other institutions. She is a jazz singer, song lyricist and painter. Her feminist novel, The Great American Belly [Doubleday/ Dell, NY, and New English Library, London,1979] was optioned for a screenplay for Warner Bros. by Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright, Michael Christopher, and also published in Croatian in Zagreb. Her recent book of stories & novella [from Avisson Press, Greensboro, NC. 1997] is titled In Bed with the Exotic Enemy. She has won a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award for her story, "Daffodil Dollars," aired on National Public Radio, "The Sound of Words."

Daniela has broadcast on many radio and television stations, for example, the BBC at Oxford, National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., Pacifica's WBAI, NY. A widely published literary critic who writes regularly for American Book Review, The Hungry Mind Review, Independent Publishing, and The Small Press Review, she is published on line at a variety of sites and is a member of The National Book Critics Circle and PEN American Center.

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