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Worry of a Little One by Minna Vainio
"Worry of a Little One"
by Minna Vainio

In the Spring of my womb you chose me.
The absent part of me arose.
A joy within me emerged with your birth.

Conceived from my Soul.
Nurtured with my Heart.
Nourished by my body.

A budding rose
To blossom in the Sun.

But a tiny mound you were
within my belly.
To a bundle warm and loving.

From the deepest corners of my heart
The totality of sustenance nurtured you.

A chubby toddler with apple cheeks.
Laughing at me laughing at you
As you tumbled around life
Growing, learning.

Waterfall tears look up to me after a topple.
A smile breaks through the tears
As I scoop you into the envelope of my arms.

Angry tears from a cruelty done.
Muffled against my breast.
Your body surrounded by mine.

Child-terror screams
Swallowed into my chest
Surrounded by stark hollow walls.

The seasons of mom and daughter
My pride at a home run hit
A fly ball caught
Honor roll.

Tears over a lost puppy
A bully
A lost ball game.

Sparkling excitement
When Santa jingled his bells.
A toy-store Christmas morning.

Screams of fear at the sting of wasps. A smashed toe
A broken arm.

Smiles of anticipation at a first date.
A beauty in black
Topped in cascading copper.

Joy turned bitter-sweet.
The woman-child ebbs and tides away.

A winter storm of rage and fear.
My arms could not encircle you.
Remaining near forever
You returned to my bosom.

Our love ever-strong through
Respect and Knowing
Nearly grown, you are
And I see my sweet little one from afar.

A pride that has no words.
A sadness that carries a sword to my Soul.
And a Love so sure to win.

The tears of loss my heart feels now.
And knows that life is for you to sow.

Our trials and tales of childhood past
Remain with us as we journey on at last
On separate paths.

And together we are bound with a love that
knows no end.
A circle for us that glows.

So, woman-child of mine, a young fresh rose
Reach out with your petals.
Turn your face to the sky.
Pluck a star and ride it afar.

by Cheryl Nicholas

*   *   *

Cheryl Nicholas is a registered nurse, freelance author and editor. She has a Bachelor's of Science from Southeastern Louisiana University and majored in psychiatric social work at the University of Washington. She lives in a town nestled in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains in Western Washington. She writes nonfiction essays and stories depicting life's challenges as opportunities for growth.

Email Cheryl at

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