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Of Creativity
Sisters for Eternity

by Skip Blaeser

"Famous and forgotten, separated by a few hundred years of concocted history and only a few miles of highway and verdant countryside, all of these former Salem residents are now sister citizens for eternity, equally deserving of respectful remembrance."

ALIVE Online
The Other Kind of Networking: Remembering Aunt Pearl

by Deb Shinder

"My Aunt Pearl didn't own a computer. She was, however, a networking expert. She led as "connected" a life as anyone I know. My Aunt Pearl did it without ever logging on. She didn't have to rely on technology to reach out and touch others; it came naturally as part of her life."

Getting Down to Earth

by Jo Leath

"Our meal, a gift from the land outside our window, was a celebration of ourselves, our work and the mystical largess of the planet. We raised our glasses of cloudy, hand-pressed apple juice and toasted Sol Invictus; to the victorious return of the power of the sun."

Goddess in My Garden

by Serena Rykert

"Something very powerful overtakes me when I step into my garden. I can't think of any other experience that quite resembles it. Instantaneously, I feel compelled to dig, design, mulch and plant. It's a feeling of being overtaken by an entity greater than myself; a benevolent force that I gladly connect with."

Middle Ground

by Barb Hampton

"I garden in my journals,I tell him. Life plants experiences and I sow words. My journals are like gardens; the insights that bloom there help me understand who I am."

Computer Ease
Getting Down to Earth About Buying a New Computer

by Tom Shinder

"It's 1999, spring is in the air, and you may be thinking of buying a new computer. What do you want? What do you need? How do you evaluate all the options and get the best value for your hard-earned dollars?"

Your Health Matters
Getting Back to Basics: Herbal Remedies for Whatever Ails You

by Tom Shinder

"If we can't trust our physicians any longer, what can we do? Go to any grocery store and right next to the vitamins you'll see a vast array of herbal concoctions. Ten years ago, herbs were relegated to the "fringe" and "earth people." Now, herbal treatments have gone mainstream."

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