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Poetry Editor Christine Reed
Christine Reed Christine L. Reed is the publisher and editor of Maelstrom, an art/lit. magazine based in Tranquility, NJ where she lives, writes and plays with her three children, Brian, Jennifer, and new baby Camryn Nicole. She is also a writer/poet and has had her work published in many magazines and anthologies, and is working on her first chap book. Christine has recently assumed the responsibilities of Editorial Manager of Moondance.
Susan Ellis Poetry Editor
Susan EllisSusan Ellis is a poet and short story writer living in Houston, Texas. She has successfully raised two children (success being measured by them being happy and able to support themselves) and is now pursuing her passionate obsession with the written word. To that end, she is in charge of Public Relations for the Houston Poetry Fest, is published, and has worked as an assistant editor. Her goal as poetry editor for Moondance is to publish established poets as well as talented aspiring poets for the enjoyment of our readers.
Lea Docken Poetry Consultant
Lea Docken Lea owns the Internet Fantasy Writers Association online list and has poetry published in Moondance, Ticklespot-Playground of the Goddess, Journal of Wisdom, Maelstorm, Siouxland an Anthology, and a local publication of Fantasy and Faerytales, and will have work in Business Women's Advantage Newsletter. She is Poetry Editor of Women Artists and Writers International Poetry Newsletter and WebPage due to appear in September. Lea's goal is to bring awareness of the great poets of the past to young and old alike. She just signed on as Consulting Poetry Editor for BWA Newsletter. Currently she is working on a Divination and Dream Guidance Column for Ticklespot. When she is not working on Poetry or writing fantasy or studying the esoteric, she is getting five teens ready to face the world.
Poetry DesignerMichele Chavez

Michele ChavezMichele Chavez is co-owner of Mystic Web Design with writer extraordinaire Margaret A. Bryan. She is a graduate of Lynda Weinman's Ojai Digital Arts Center Web Design Intensive. Genealogy is Michele's hobby. She is administrator of the Essex GenConnect Query board and listowner of six genealogy e-mail lists on Rootsweb. A 15-year member of the lay Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International-USA, Michele is district chief of West Palmdale District. She lives with her husband Richard and cats Boots and Tiger in Palmdale, California. A high desert menagerie of jack rabbits, roadrunners, coyotes, and the occasional rattlesnake wanders through their backyard.


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