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Low Tide, by Barb Hamptom

"The raging surf. White caps riding high above a blue wall that curls toward the shore. Roaring resonates through the air, building until the wild wave collapses, a mixture of water and energy, white foam spewing on the sand."

Barnacle Songs, by Jo Leath

"When the tide rushes in, it displaces miles of air. Sweeping rushes of cold saltiness crest the hills and rush to me; the marine cycle is a permanent part of my day. The ocean renews me; the very presence of the sea strengthens and supports my connection with the land where I make my home."

The Learning Curve: A Childhood by the Sea, by Skip Blaeser

"Where I grew up is not merely a geographical location on a map, but a unique point in history that will not come again, my memorable childhood by the sea."

Alive Online: Are You Drowning in a Sea of Data?, by Deb Shinder

"It's a wonderful time to be alive, especially for an information junkie. But do you sometimes feel as if the availability of all this "good stuff" is having some very bad effects on your life? Do you find yourself unable to remember most of the information you absorb? Are the facts moving too fast? Do you feel as if you're drowning in a sea of data?"

Computerease: Your Home Computer and the Year 2000, by Thomas Shinder M.D., M.C.S.E.

"Maybe you have noticed increased coverage in your newspaper or local radio shows regarding the year 2000 and the problems related to computers as a result of the Y2k dilemma. What about your computers? What will be the effects of the year 2000 date change on your computers, and what can you do to prevent data loss and computer malfunction?"

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