Musings From the Universe

"Horizontal Nude"
by Carmin Karasic

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sitting in the middle

of my living room floor

crying over a can of Diet Coke

wanting not to be

mommy anymore

wanting to be

the baby instead

feels a whole lot like

wishing I was dead

needing to be coddled

and cuddled

thinking I can wear Pampers

and knowing my head

is muddled

just let me have

a little vacation

I'll be back in ten or twenty

unless that's too big

a ration

but I need that break

or else my head will split

and I might chase after you

with a rake.


Buzz Review

Buzzy's poetry, as well as short fiction, has been published in ezines and print zines. November will mark her third time in the print zine, 69 Flavors of Paranoia.

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