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"Horizontal Nude"
by Carmin Karasic

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Rough and round

like life it lay,

on the sun hot day I pressed

my body and cheek

to the felled giant sentinel.

of the wide cool river.

Roots reaching

to the sky of its life and I

at the top where

no man had touched.

The Delaware

called us in to float,

tried to pull us out

to join its rushed journey.

Instead, we stayed joined

becoming one, feeling

the hum of the earth below.

Life and death embraced

sweetly as the moon rose,

on the Pennsylvania mountains.


Christine L. Reed

Christine L. Reed is an artist, poet and freelance writer living in Tranquility, NJ with her two children. She is the editor of Maelstrom, a literary magazine featuring art, poetry, short fiction and humor. She is also the assistant poetry editor for Moondance. Her work has appeared internationally in many magazines, anthologies and e-zines. She has pieces forthcoming in MeatWhistle Quarterly, The Poet's Attic Quarterly, Liquid Ohio, Penny Dreadful Press and Parnassus Literary Journal.

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