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Literally Creating Ourselves
by justis jones

Several days ago a post was made on our listserver by Damian Toro with the subject, "YES BRAD- IT IS TRUE". Upon reading the message, we were informed that Damian Toro had been posing as all of the above mentioned participants!

Truing the Woman
by Deborah Debord

I perch on the rickety wooden stool dragged from the corner of the garage. One rung is missing and the seat smells a little of gasoline, sawdust, and old rags, but it is a good place to stay out of the way.

I chatter away about my latest writing project, and wouldn't it be more realistic if my character did this instead of that, and what do you think about this image that came from a dream two nights ago?

Art and the Creative Process
by Mike Conner

From the beginning, I was certain there was something wrong with me. I don't seem to see the same things that others do, but my outlook on life is not that different. I want the same things--creature comforts and kids. I enjoy the prospect of leaving behind my genes. And I want to leave them with enough financial security that they can have some little bit to get them started in life.

Creativity Follows Committment
by Blue

I recently quit my day job to pursue both my writing and beadwork vocations, so creativity has been foremost in my mind of late. I have been pondering how to be open to creativity, encouraging it to flow into my life, and how to commit to the often harsh demands inherent in following my creative inner voice as an artist and a spiritual being.

Somehow I must avoid stumbling on fear and self-doubt, and trust my inner voice so that I may become a more fully realized, loving and authentic being, focusing on the relentless and eternal spring of creative new life instead of, or in addition to, the relentless and eternal stream of death. I certainly do not know the answers to any of these questions.

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