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The "I Am" of Us
Cheryl Nicholas

Webster's Dictionary defines inspire as "to breathe." The archaic definition is "to infuse (as life) by breathing." The literal Latin translation of inspire is spiritus, or spirit. Inspiration is the instillation of spirit breath - the inhalation of peaceful truth. Inspiration is the knowing of I Am. We are not what we do, we are why we do what we do, and the knowledge of this is inspirational.

What I do is nursing, motherhood, write, edit and pursue health. This is not what I Am. What I Am is the essence of my inspiration. I am a spiritual woman who loves, creates, learns and plays. Welcome to the Inspirations section of Moondance where we can celebrate our abundance...our "I Am."

The Voice of a Dream

Cheryl Nicholas

The essence of our creativity is our ability to know who we are. Angels whisper to our soul what we already know and have forgotten. Dreams, memories and voices from unearthly plains guide us in our quest for our truth. Voices from the spiritual realm, for which we have earned admission simply by being who we are, speak to us. All we need do is listen...

One Woman's Knowing

Joyce Wakefield

The magic began on a dusty day in a small town in Oklahoma. It lured me away from my dolls and tea parties. It takes me down the road, one and only consistent love affair. This magical muse spills out and colors my world with soul.

Please Don't Force Me to Have Fun!

Lynn Roaten Terrell

As women, most of us can look back and remember the moment that we finally realized that truly creative niche which makes us each unique. As you search your own lives, you'll find it at that electric moment of expectation. Whether you were 3, or 33, you'll remember it as the time you wanted to stand in the middle of the floor, throw up your arms in frustration, and state emphatically, "Please don't force me to have fun!"

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