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The Roaring Bull
and Electra

Rita Marie Keller

Today the new Roaring Bull was christened, and I wanted you to be next to me as you had been, twenty years ago. Before it had succumbed to dry rot and vandalism, we stood against the rail, watching the burnished trees on the other side grow before our eyes, and we welcomed the birth of autumn.

If You
Ask Me

Lucy Harrison

She called this morning, Sir, to say that she was sick. She sounded okay, but how can you tell? How does a sick person sound? She didn't say what was wrong, just that she was sick and wouldn't be coming into work.

The Fattest
Prom Queen

Pat Fish

My daughter stood before me, as pretty in pink as a teenage girl could be. I added a little spit on an errant curl, then stood back to admire my creation.

The Night

Bev Young

The moon was full the night Carrie and I became best friends. The street was blue in the moonlight, ice blue, and my breath was a cloud of grey mist rolling past my lips.

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