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Your Health Matters
by Thomas W. Shinder, M.D.

The brain and creativity: Is it a right-brain issue?

Are you a predominantly logical "right-brained person"? Or do you consider yourself the more creative, "left-brained" type? The truth is that these questions are misleading. In fact, you are both.

The Question Of Identity
by Moushumi Chakrabarty

Who am I really? A wife and mother? A journalist? An aspiring novelist? Am I what I see in the mirror every day or am I what I feel? I find the answer in all of these aspects, and particularly in what I create.

The Creative You: Finding Your Own Way
by Stephanie Mojica

When confronted by circumstances that aren't very conducive to creative pursuits, is it possible to create your own creativity?

Don't Wait, Just Do It!
by Skip Blaeser

Most of us consider ourselves "creative" individuals held back from our great works only by the universal lament - lack of time. Yet are we all waiting for that "free weekend" that may never come? Is the concept of a "right time" to be creative nothing but an illusion?

The Mystery Of Poetry
by Lea Docken

What is poetry? One finds that there is no one "correct" definition, and that most are elusively subjective, ranging from the technical to the esoteric. In fact, the only useful way to find out where the heart of poetry lies is to write a poem yourself.

ALIVE Online
by Debra Littlejohn Shinder

Does the Net stifle or promote creativity? Some claim that web-surfers are nothing but the latest incarnation of couch potatoes. Are they right?

by Thomas W. Shinder, M.D., M.C.P.

One of the greatest benefits to PC ownership is the ability to express yourself creatively in ways never before possible. Just think of the computer as the "go between" between your mind and hands and your artistic vision - and let yourself go.

Emerson on Creativity and Poetry
by B. Gleed

"The world is his who can see through its pretension." The essential element is the unique way every individual views the world. As you develop your own creative voice and express yourself in words you would do well to remember Ralph Waldo Emerson, the man who defined the special intrinsic creativity which is the American voice.

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