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What is a Family?

By: Mike Barker

The dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia have their definitions, based mostly on biological relationships. But the heart has its own definitions, and we can hear those thoughts sing...

The Wedding Dress

By: Dafne Sabanes Plou

There it was. A French lace top and a long Swiss organza skirt. Beautiful, soft and with a lavender scent. Mummy had kept her wedding dress in a beautiful box, one of those you only see in the old movies. It looked lovely, even after so many years.



By: Catherine Farid

. . . my dad and I ran every day. When I was feeling sluggish, he'd lace up his shoes and look at me. "You sure you don't want to go?" And I'd feel some daughterly pride: there was no way I was going to be out finessed by some 40 year old guy.

The One-Eyed Seagull

By: Gem Bordages

The early morning mist underlined the promised heat of the day. The one-eyed seagull regarded me, wondering what I had done with her breakfast. I reached for the bag of stale bread, lingering, tantalizing her. I owed her nothing. She had come to take me and my delicacies for granted; an attitude I resented.


The Moon
Why We Can't
Go Past It

By: Julie Grimstead

Andy asks how we can keep moving, yet we never drive past the moon...

Moon dancers

By: John Bailey

It was a night exactly like this except it was bitter, stilly cold and there was a thick blanket of snow. The moon cast the same shadows across the meadow though the trees were leafless, and the white field bounced the light, prismatic, into the air.


A Pocketful of Musings

By: Pat Fish

Observations from the Feeder - Downeys and Ducks I like to consider them "pocket" woodpeckers, the kind you carry in your purse or person in the event you might need a spare woodpecker.

Sins of the Daughter

By: Youngblood Brasket

They'd been here a long time and yet they weren't bowed. They weren't intimidated. They were just serving their time, patiently waiting for the day they could return to their lives. Waiting with a smile on their faces and a little bit of mischief left in their hearts.


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All the Artwork for this issue of Song & Story is from Sarah Sammis.

Sarah Sammis has been dabbling in art all her life. In 1983 she traded in her crayons for acrylic and oil paints and has been painting ever since, having now completed over 100 paintings. Since 1993 she has been using a variety of computer applications to create digital artwork as well.

Having completed her education with a Masters in Film from UCLA, Sarah has been creating web pages and doing graphic design through her business, Puss Reboots. She lives in South Pasadena, California with her husband and her calico cat.

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