"Ascending Rose"
by Russell Elden

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Now that the sun has risen above,

I finally show you all of my love

From past to present, over the hills

Now all I have to do is keep the thrills.

See the birds as they feed their young

Never stopping to think, it must be done.

Ever so gentle in the way they show

That now is the time so let the seeds flow.

Heat begins to make wet on our shirts,

Causing more than the weather to feel our dirt.

Years have passed since we first felt this way,

I see a smile, is it time to play?

River's water runs wild after a storm

Never waiting to watch its form.

Rains bring power from which it grows

Just like a feeling as it flows.

Never again will you wonder or worry;

The snow storm is over, not another flurry

Sun comes out from the clouds above

It's now your turn, can you feel my love?

Sun's going down, not a cloud in sight;

The sparkle in your eyes, ever so bright.

Hair shimmers with a look of glass

Knowing that ours is a love that will last.


Steven Andrew Jones

Steven Jones is a Biomedical Technician originally from Rumford, Maine.

After 20 years in the Navy, he now works at the FDA in their Mammography

division. From time to time, he has fleeting moments of poetic inspiration.

For comments to the writer mail to: rumfordjones@earthlink.net

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