"Ascending Rose"
by Russell Elden

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God's beautiful rainbow-- So seldom seen,

Comes after the storm, when things are serene.

Out of thunder and lightening and powerful rain,

God's light shines down to us, through prisms of pain.

To tell us that torment, won't last forever,

And after the crisis, things will get better!

God's beautiful ranbow adds warmth to my soul,

Repairing what once was a life threatening hole.


Leighanne McLehaney Jones

Leighanne Jones is a Registered Nurse currently pursuing a carrier in

Forensic Science. She lives in Maryland with her,6 cats, 2 ferrets and

dog. Her poetic inspiration comes from the depths of depression that

have plagued her for many years. She has been published by the

National Poet's Society and is in the process of compiling all of her

poetry into a personal book for publication in the near future. Some can

already be viewed on her website Midnight Voice"

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