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Russell Elden

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I am the tears of ten thousand women,

Patiently waiting

Their time to unfold.

I am the cries of ten thousand children,

Voiceless and frightened,

A time to be told.

I am the arms of ten thousand mothers,

Aching and holy,

A love never old.

I am the hands of ten thousand lovers,

Searching and asking,

A place for their hold.

I am the prayers of ten thousand heros,

Nameless and silent,

Heard only by



Melody Harris

Copyright January 26, 1997

Melody Harris lives on the Gulf of Mexico on the North Florida panhandle

with her miniature pinscher, Maya. She has always enjoyed writing, but only

recently began submitting her work for publication. Currently writing short

story fiction, she is also working on a novel about a woman's spiritual journey.

Poetry such as Ten Thousand Heros is her emotional outlet.

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