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I am the center of all things. Everything is of my creation

made by my own design, only for my purpose

But who is my creator? What is my purpose?

I am my own creator. For I may see the world

with eyes that shine with laughter

or with a face frowning in anger.

Learning is the purpose; Life is the lesson;

Existence is the goal; Total awareness

the key


Michelle Churchman

Michelle Churchman earns her living as a medical laboratory technologist, but

she is devoted to writing. Her fiction credits include publication in

Tangled Web, Anterior Fiction Quarterly, and 69 Flavors of Paranoia.

She is a contributing writer to the book, The Dos and Don'ts of Work

Team Coaching by Herbelin publishing. Currently, she is working on a

section of a Dark Shadows roleplaying game rule book to be distributed

by Westend Games. She lives in rural Kansas with her family and two cats

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