"Ascending Rose"
Russell Elden

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Don't say my name when you say "daughter,"I would not be proud

Of walking through the looking glass and stepping on

The broken stones of memory

My feet are bleeding and my security Is broken

And you,You only hold me down tighter

So don't look at me and call me "daughter"

I would not be proud where have you been

To call me that name,a nobody face in the reflection

Of my tears and pain

And pain, the dinner bell is ringing

The dinner bell is ringing still and

I never saw you there,you held me by the hair

My dark hair,your hair,but don't call me "daughter"

I feel no pride. Do you call your bottle "wife?"

And do you know of dysfunction? Another man,

Another man, any man to replace you "father"

For years and years and so many men

So many men,how do you feel now about your "daughter?"

Me, who tried and tried, you, who drank and drank

And drank away the memory of me

So many years I wanted you, never ever

So don't, don't say my name when you say "daughter"

I would not be proud


Jacqueline Walton

1998 All Rights Reserved
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