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Our History is
Our Strength

By Sue Reichard

History looks different when the contributions of women are included. March has been designated by Congress as National Women's History Month. Find out how you can participate in the joyous event.

By Arabella Clauson

The brutal truth of the situation remains as follows: the media coverage leaves viewers twisting in the wind, confused about the paradoxical attitudes pervading American society, some advocating tolerance while others preach the gospel of conservatism.



By Michele J. Johnson

As a child ages, parents and peers encourage "disbelief". It's as if it's okay to believe when you're a child, but as one grows up, it's time to face reality.


Dueling Decibels

By Pamela Ross

After an extended tour to South America, Pamela Ross was looking forward to no crowds, no phones, no noise. Someone else had other plans.


My Funny Mother

By Pat Fish

"How on earth, in a world populated by the likes of Robert Frost and James Michener, can this woman manage to wrap it all up in one verbal bow"...Anyone with a mother will appreciate this humorous look at one person's mother.


The Stages of Self Esteem

By Anitra Freeman

While horror stories abound of those who become addicted to the mic, dependent on applause from the audience, this does not mean that the experience cannot also be healthy and growth- enhancing.


Bringing My Father Into Focus

By Brenda Carter

I don't want to be an archaeologist of my father's life! I wanted to be his daughter.



By Melanie Corrigan

There comes a time in every woman's life when she must follow the call.


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