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Becoming more consious
Step by Step

Becoming more conscious step by step by making harmonious choices.

Artwork By Susan Ferguson Consciousness harmoniously and intelligently directs every molecule in the physical and mental world. And, consciousness is the awareness of, the understanding of the harmonious workings of the seen and unseen universe. The two concepts - directing and observing - are simultaneous. A conscious person, besides observing the inner and outer universal harmony, can also create harmony through positive attitudes which bare thoughts and actions that serve the best of each situation in life. Thoughts are energy in motion; their subsequent actions are energy in motion. In addition to thoughts and actions needing energy for their production, consciousness exists without using any form of energy. Consciousness is difficult to intellectually imagine--because even imagining uses energy. Consciousness is experiential. Consciousness has first an inactive stage that lives without any contact with energy. And consciousness has an active stage that manifests in the mental and physical worlds by riding upon waves of energy--riding upon; not immersed within. Intellectually this is about as far as we can go in explaining consciousness.

In consciousness
there is nothing beyond us
that is not us
And all in this world
should be experienced with the attention
we give to ourselves
The conscious experience of ourselves beyond ourselves
develops through caring attitudes and actions
with all the world
awakening awareness of ourselves beyond ourselves

We live in the school room of life from birth to death. We tend to look at the current events going on in our life as permanent reality. When changes occur we are surprised and feel unsettled. Remembering that change is a life-long reality, we come to know and accept change as okay, adapting ourselves as necessary.

Changing format of reality
Reality as change
Remembering to adapt
till gone beyond

Through living, our experiences compound. Momentum rolls us onward. Even if we wanted, we could not succeed at back tracking. What was then, was followed by other events, forming the present. All the changes that have occurred on the physical, mental, and emotional planes stand between us and the past as we knew it.

Moving along with all the changes
just continues

Acceptance that change is inherent in the passage of time, keeps us steadily on a forward roll. Lovingness incorporated in our attitudes and actions, gives us full and vibrant experiences in living.

Moving forward
Moving along
Moving along life's timeline

Practical Practices to Become More Conscious

The following is a step by step process that allows us to have access and make use of both the inactive and active states of consciousness:

Stilling our physical body:

Sitting erect in meditation or lying in a deep relaxation pose uses minimal physical energy. While being so physically still and not falling asleep, we have a chance to observe the thoughts flowing through our mind--without making any judgement or taking any action whatsoever. We notice that in our mind, we have both the capacity to observe or to physically act upon insuing or continually created thoughts.

Learning we have the choice to act or not
on our emotions and thoughts
is a first step in becoming a conscious person

Using choice:

Now that we know we have choice, we see that we can take control of our own actions to create harmony in our lives. This is using the active aspect of consciousness. And by continuously upgrading our actions, we grow ever more in awareness of the innate harmonious workings in every aspect of creation. And we grow ever more aware of just how much we have a part in creating an ever greater degree of harmony in our mental world and in the world of action.


Acting harmoniously, becoming harmony
Acting consciously, becoming consciousness--
Riding the wave
Riding the crest of the wave in thought and action

By holding positive attitudes and thoughts, and acting for the greater good we reap joy. Joy seeps into our lives--through the portals of our mind into harmonious actions in the world. By harmonious action we feel joyful both in mind and energized in body. The more we make conscious choices the more conscious and joyful we become. The wonderful result of taking the steps to become more conscious is that we simultaneously become more joyful--our experiences in living have more depth and meaning because we are consciously controlling our own thoughts and actions. Even when circumstances are not how we would have wished--we can control our own reaction to them and thus create harmony for ourselves. And what we create in our own mind, eventually manifests harmoniously in our lives.

Becoming more conscious
step by step
by making harmonious choices.
Becoming more conscious step by step--
In joyfully enjoying our lives!

Artwork "Inanna" By Susan Ferguson
Visit her web site at

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