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Road Signs to Personal Wealth
Part I

Ornesha De Paoli

Celebrate your path. Live every moment in the passion of your path, and rejoice as you pass the road signs that tell to you that your direction is towards abundance. So as you move towards abundance, so do you also move towards me.

I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that abundance is not only easy, it's our natural way of life. There's no magical potion, or step-by step instructions to fit each and every one of us. For if that were true, then it would also be true that we were all exactly alike, that we were all of the same spiritual and genetic make-up. That's not the case. Each of us, however, in the very beginning of what can be called "All That Is", were given the same set of instructions: "Live and love always; grow, and find your way back to Godness from that which you came." Since then, we've taken as many different paths to get there as there are individual souls.

Artwork By Susan Ferguson There are, I'm happy to say, methods common to everyone that will take you back to your true birthright, that of joy and abundance. These methods will guide you, the individual, according to the pathway you choose and the pace you choose. By the way, the word "choose" is undoubtedly the most important word that you will read here. We will always be given the choice, and therefore, the responsibility of our creations.

First of all, you do not have to know specifically what you want at this moment, you only need to be willing to search for what it is that you like to do.

For in the search is the truth of your spirit given to you. And the search does not end, it only expands into the most perfect reason for coming to earth; to create and experience All That I Am.

Each of us has talents, some hidden in the depths of our soul, with our having only an inkling of what they might be, and some prone for all the world to see. Whether or not we see these talents depends a great deal on our upbringing, and then our willingness to express ourselves as we grow in years and in spirit. Each and every one of us is here on earth for a very specific reason, and can function within that reason in a very abundant way. That is to say that the one who milks the cows is just as vital to our universe as the one who builds the automobile, or the one who discovers the cure for a disease, so long as they do so for the love of the service itself. All are of equal importance in the eyes of the universe, for the universe does not care so much for the act itself as it does for the grand feeling of joy one has when in the act.

How does one find the hidden talents or the joy that abide quietly within?

When one does not follow the joyfulness of the spirit, a thought is sent to the universe of unhappiness or of a life that goes unfulfilled. Do you see that the universe can only send to us that which we think? Do you not want the universe to send to you that which is joyful? A thought of love to the universe, sends to you love. A thought of joy to the universe, sends joy back to you. It is that simple. There is no need to train the mind to think joyful thoughts, for the joy is already there, being manifested every day. The universe can only send to you that which is already there in you.

Once you find the way to make your heart sing, you can now begin focusing on the next step...the expansion of that joy. (Don't be afraid to try new things. When you ask the universe to send you the perfect way to express yourself, it may come to you in a way that is not at first recognizable.) If you feel that you haven't yet found that wonderful talent and are still looking, do not get discouraged. For the path getting there is meant to be just as fun. Remember there is no ending. The word "end" is a word spoken only by man, not by the universe. Keep looking. It is there...

For anything to expand, there must be attention paid to it. We all know that it's so much easier to pay attention to that which brings us the greatest happiness. To pay attention to anything is to first give it thought and then focus on it.

Creation is simply just a thought form turning energy into matter. So the thought form is truly what begins all creation. To give thought energy to anything will immediately create that which is thought. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you create from the thought of love, not from the thought of fear or anger. For the fear or anger will manifest itself into matter. The manifestations of those who see only the sadness and suffering in their world are directly related to the thoughts of which they center their minds upon. The universe will only send to you that which is in your thoughts. It is simple to create anything your heart desires or fears, all that is necessary is the thought.

This puts a whole new light on our taking responsibility for ourselves and our creations. While we are on our paths of greatness and serving only our joy, there can be times when a kink or block faces us, causing us to wonder why-- if I am following my joy, why do I have a difficulty paying that bill or finding happiness. The answer is easy. Our path is a minute by minute process. One minute we may have thoughts of joy and hence, move along rather well. The next minute comes, and a thought of fear enters our minds. If that thought is allowed to continue what will manifest will be just that...what we feared!

After understanding that thoughts create things, the next step is to understand that thoughts also create the way for things to come. Thoughts create the opportunity. The opportunity that may come from a chance encounter with someone who will assist you in some way, or from simply looking in the newspaper or turning on the television at the exact right time to give you the information you needed to move forward. As this happens (and it will happen...), give yourself a pat on the back, because you've just seen a "road sign" saying to you that you're on your way to abundance in whatever form you are seeking.

Smile to the universe and allow your heart to sing and know that I am here with you always, for we cannot be apart. Life is creation and creation is life, for they too cannot be apart. You are an extension of that which I Am, like a leaf is to a tree. You see, the leaf can feel what the tree feels because it is indeed just as much the tree as are the roots that nourish it. I Am the tree, but I Am also the leaf and so are you.

Artwork "Road" By Susan Ferguson
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