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The "I Am" of Us

Cheryl Nicholas

Webster's Dictionary defines inspire as "to breathe." The archaic definition is "to infuse (as life) by breathing." The literal Latin translation of inspire is spiritus, or spirit. Inspiration is the instillation of spirit breath - the inhalation of peaceful truth. Inspiration is the knowing of I Am. We are not what we do, we are why we do what we do, and the knowledge of this is inspirational.

What I do is nursing, motherhood, write, edit and pursue health. This is not what I Am. What I Am is the essence of my inspiration. I am a spiritual woman who loves, creates, learns and plays. Welcome to the Inspirations section of Moondance where we can celebrate our abundance...our "I Am."

Road Signs to Personal Wealth
Part I

Ornesha De Paoli

I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that abundance is not only easy, it's our natural way of life

Finding Ms., Miss, or Mrs. Right for Herself:
Discovering Ourselves

Wendy Broad

How many times have you read an article entitled "How to Find Mr. Right" or "Making Yourself Right for Mr.Right"? Not to mention the numerous times we have heard the phrase "Mr.Right is just around the corner", or "She finally found the right one"

Becoming More Conscious
Step by Step

Susan Kramer

Consciousness harmoniously and intelligently directs every molecule in the physical and mental world. And, consciousness is the awareness of, the
understanding of the harmonious workings of the seen and unseen universe.

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