Spying The Molestor - Jeff Westover
"Spying The Molestor"
by Jeff Westover

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An elusive spider quickly spins a

velvety soft jeweled web of silk.

Spinning a never beginning never ending

maze of pathways, the spider works

silently building it's deadly web.

Calmly, quietly, swiftly it descends

soft as a warm summer breeze.

Enveloping all it touches.

Winter chills bring a warning of

empty days, and numbing nights.

The web drops swiftly bringing

one into darkness, a

smooth slide into death.

Blank eyes are following unknown ways

seeking to end the nightmare.

A voice cries endlessly in prayer

hearing only a cacophony of sounds

that splinters the jeweled web.

Slowly the false jewels fall away.

Remnants of the jeweled web slowly die

and a golden life begins again.

Elusive spider forever spinning

quietly waits for another.


Lea Docken

Lea is Poetry Editor for Moondance.

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