Lucy's Dream - Jeff Westover
"Lucy's Dream"
by Jeff Westover

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White summer moon on the waves

Sadness in the throat of the sea

The tide from a wider coastline

gnaws these headlands

Ocean is breaking open memories

Watch the somnolent years rouse themselves

Wake back where the sun slaves us

Where the tributaries choke with sickness

Tales stir in these fathoms of silt

They birth on the baked clay banks

Rise in the estuaries as islands of yellow sand

Hear our brittle histories crackle like leaves

The rains tear furrows in our faces

Time and children darker hollows

When night is a warm skin to wear

I will look up to that sky's wizened men

Search those extinguished stars for gods.


Robert Berry

I'm a Londoner by birth, currently living and working on Penang Island, in West Malaysia. I lecture in English at the University of Science here. I've had poems published in the States, England and New Zealand.

For comments to the writer mail to: rjberry@usm.my

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