Urban Man - Corinne Whitaker
"Urban Man"
by Corinne Whitaker

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Nothing estranges a river more

Than its split out to sea.

The undercurrent roars

Past steelhead and salmon,

Past shorelines of kelp and

Seabrush, through city and

Town to a time, still

As the constellation's rim

They trace. And air tangible like

Steam trails forest into ocean as

All movement becomes mass. The

Gaussian space of assumed bodies,

The rhizome between layers

Of spirit and mind, current and past.

And we are pied by a moon to its

Shiny lure at bottom. Take flight

In the migration of form to symbol,

Life to state. Hold

Nature distributed like stars

In the palm of our face.


David Sutherland

David's work has appeared in The Hollins Critic, The Northern Michigan Journal, The American Literary Review and The Reader (Oxford University). David serves as lead editor for a publication called Recursive Angel and has published a collection entitled "Between Absolutes" available by illiterati of Alexandria, VA.

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