Woman With Arms Folded by Corinne Whitaker
"Woman With Arms Folded"
by Corinne Whitaker

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These purple knots bend

out and in where a smooth

calf once kicked and glided.

Rough things and grey things

and things with lines

are sliding up quietly everywhere.

Brown circles ride along a

crinkly road, uninvited, undesired

and friends begin to

age, faster than I feel.

Time save me,

keep your hands off, if only

for one more taste of young

to hang in record stores,

and know what to buy,

go dancing,

wear leather without

being mocked.

Just give me

five more minutes,

and then I'll be old,

I swear.


Christine L. Reed

Christine L. Reed is an artist, poet and freelance writer living in Tranquility, NJ with her two children. She is the editor of Maelstrom, a literary magazine featuring art, poetry, short fiction and humor. She is also the assistant poetry editor for Moondance. Her work has appeared internationally in many magazines, anthologies and e-zines. She has pieces forthcoming in MeatWhistle Quarterly, The Poet's Attic Quarterly, Liquid Ohio, Penny Dreadful Press and Parnassus Literary Journal.

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