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Meditations on Restlessness
by Heather Eaton

Nothing is really wrong with me. I am just unsure, restless, and isolated... I suppose the problem lies in stepping outside of that world. Work, schedules, school -- all are operating according to the mass plan of social order. I, however, do not operate like a cog in a steely machine....

A Twist of Fate
by Lori Enos

The more arrogant and fearful among us believe that a great gulf separates the middle class from the homeless.... I, too, used to believe that people who were homeless achieved this state through their own shortcomings. I no longer believe this.

The World As I Would Create It
by Debi Jackson

Imagine with me... a world where abortion is considered a private matter to be decided by the woman herself, along with her partner, family, and/or clergy if she so chooses... Imagine. . . .

Healing as a Way of Life and Death
by Dianne Lobes

What motivates healing, fuels it, nurtures and completes it, in the perceptions of both healer/professional and healee/patient?... I search for neither hardcore clinical "data" that no one understands or can reasonably fit into the Larger Picture of the Soul, nor for airy-fairy, "woo-woo" meanderings that no one can reason with here on Earth.

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